Website Beta Version 1.12


Additions and changes

  • Added security listing service page to separate auditors and rug check services from Marketing
  • Improved some elements in mobile views
  • Improved token unlock section readability and provided links to token locks on home page and audit page
  • Added link to ApeSwap presale using Buy Now button
  • Minor updates to how to buy page
  • Removed 5 star rating system in order to switch to DYOR model for all services
  • Added chain logo and tooltip to token list

Issue fixes

  • Fixed issue with list logo icons being cut off
  • Corrected distribution chart data based on ApeSwap presale
  • Cache issue fixed when changing logos but requires a waiting period after change

Known issues

  • Filter and sort buttons not configured yet
  • Listing services hard coded
  • Marketing services hard coded
  • Security services hard coded
  • How to buy information incomplete (token not released yet)
  • Whitepaper not formatted well for mobile
  • Pagination arrows too small
  • Not fully optimized for mobile on some pages
  • Rank numbers not displaying correctly on Promoted cards